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Welcome to the wiki! This wiki is about expressing ideas for a game which does not exist yet. I call it Bloons Warfare. Anyone who is a fan to Ninja Kiwi can edit this wiki. This game is about on the field with other players to fight bloons.

How to PlayEdit

When you first start, you will spawn as an unupgraded Dart Monkey. Use the arrow keys or WASD to move your character. Use the space button to jump. Double jump does not exist. Left-click to attack, right-click to change character in specific stations and scroll button to resort to different attacks(you will see them later). You can also move your mouse to look around you. Some player characters have more than one attack. Bloons will come at you when you are spotted. Most bloons will just charge at you, dealing damage. Some uses ranged attacks. It is important to know which bloons do what, how strong they are, their properties and which bloons they split into when popped.

You see in the bottom-right corner and there is a heart and a number. This is your health. When you take damage, you will lose some health. Be warned: if your health goes down to zero, you will die. When you die, you can wait for a player to revive you by ten seconds or you can self-revive by clicking the self-revive button with one bloonstone. The more you auto-revive, the more bloonstones needed. In classic mode and some missions, if you are not revived in ten seconds, you are out of the game for this round while getting an opportunity to spectate teammates. Above your health bar is an attack name. This is your attack you are using right now. Left-click to attack and scroll or press the attack's corresponding number to resort to different attacks.

You might have noticed the cross on the screen. This is your accuracy. If the cross is smaller, you are more accurate in your shots. You can use this accuracy to your advantage.

A bag is on your left side. This is your NPC and structure library. NPCs can be spawned on spawn points. Structures can be built on anywhere.

There are different maps and different missions. Some maps have places where you cannot touch like lava and electric fences. Missions are to be completed to your ability.

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